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My name is Matt and I am a big fan of Country Music.  I've also been following the Country Music charts for more than twenty years now.  Once upon a time, I was finding songs that I thought should've reached higher on the charts weren't.  Several songs I loved at the time were barely receiving radio play and thus not achieving the status I felt they should.  So, in Feburary 1998 I began making my own chart.  For the first 8 and a half years, the chart was createad completely using my opinion.  Since math is my thing, I decided to try to create a formula for my chart that mixed my current opinion of a song and how it was doing on the real charts.  After nearly a year and a half of using a formula (which I've revised several times), I found myself at the 10-year anniversary of my chart.  I decided to move my chart to a different location and share it in my new blog.  In January 2009, I made this chart open to the public opinion. and called it the Country Music Lover's (CML) Chart.  In August of 2011, circumstances forced a name change to the Dedicated Country Music Fan (DCMF) Chart, but with that change the chart become 100% developed by fan vote.  Eventually, I transitioned the name from the DCMF Chart to The Fan Voted Chart by DCMFs (2014) to its current name the Fan-Voted Chart (2015).

 If you are a big fan of Country Music, then this is a place for you to take part in how songs are ranked on a chart.  You get to vote each week to help make the chart.  Visit the chart blog for more information on how to help create The Chart.  This website is devoted to the entire Chart and other information related to the chart.

The Fan Voted Chart links:
Blog- The main "hub" of The Chart
Chart-  The entire Chart for this week can be found here.
Peaks- A year-by-year list of what songs made the chart, where they peaked, and when.
Archive- A complete list of what the chart has looked like each week since its beginning in 1998.
Top 100 Songs- Links to the Top 100 songs for each year since the beginning of the chart.
#1 Archive- A listing of all #1 singles sorted by artist.
Chart Records and Milestones- A listing of various records and milestones from the history of the chart.
How the Chart Works- This page explains how the chart works.

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