Chart Records and Milestones

The following is a list of records and milestones for the Fan Voted Chart.

Fan Voted Chart #1 Records  
Most #1 Singles Kenny Chesney, 23
Most Weeks at #1, Single Song--Group 19 weeks, "Speak Love" by The Family Sowell in 2019
Most Weeks at #1, Single Song--Male Artist(tie)12 weeks, "Hey Pretty Girl" by Kip Moore in 2013; "Say You Do" by Dierks Bentley in 2015
Most Weeks at #1, Single Song--Female Artist10 weeks, "Long After You're Gone" by Kelli Brogan in 2017
Most Weeks at #1, All Songs--All Artists Kenny Chesney, 50
Most Consecutive #1 Singles, All Time Zac Brown Band, 9: "Chicken Fried" to "Keep Me in Mind"
Most Consecutive #1 Singles, Current 2, Multiple Artists
Longest Time Between #1 Singles Shania Twain: "You're Still the One" (4/12-4/18/98) to "Life's About to Get Good" (10/22-10/28/17), 1019 weeks
Fan Voted Chart Milestone #1 Singles  
1st: "Just to See You Smile" by Tim McGraw, 1998
100th: "Tell Her" by Lonestar, 2001
200th: "You're My Better Half" by Keith Urban, 2005
300th: "Roll With Me" by Montgomery Gentry, 2008
400th: "We Are Tonight" by Billy Currington, 2014
Miscellaneous Records*
Most Accumulated Points (2017)**"Long After You're Gone" by Kellie Brogan, 297 Points (10/1-10/7/17 chart)
Most Accumluated Points (2018 to the 8/25-8/31/19 chart)**"Speak Love" by The Family Sowell, 1133 Points (6/2-6/8/19 chart)
Most Accumulated Points (9/1-9/7/19 chart to end of 2019)**TBD
Most Accumulated Points (2020 on)**TBD
Longest Chart Run (before 2017)"Love Like Crazy" by Lee Brice (57 weeks) [Never will be broken due to changes in how songs stay on the chart]
31 Weeks on Chart (2018 on)****The following songs reached the maximum amount of time on the chart:
"Six Strings and Diamond Rings" by Taylor Hicks (2018)
"Leave Her Wild" by Sundance Head (2019)
"Speak Love" by The Family Sowell (2019)
"I'm Diggin' It" by Jessie Lynn (2019)
"Beautiful Crazy" by Luke Combs (2019)
"Shallow" by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (2019)
Highest Peaking USA Song "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" by Eli Young Band, #1 for 13 weeks (2012)
1st USA Hit SongThe first chart was 40 songs (see 2/1-2/7/98 chart)
Highest Peaking Texas Regional Song "Getting Back to Country" by Cody Joe Hodges, #1 for 1 week (June 2015)
1st Texas Regional Hit Song "Dreams and Gasoline" by Rob Baird, "Dandelion" by Bart Crow Band, "Lone Star Highway" by Josh Grider and "Kiss Me That Way" by JB and the Moonshine Band (debuted 2/10-2/16/13 chart)
Highest Peaking Canadian Song "I Promise You" by Nick Hedden (in Top 5, final position TBD)
1st Canadian Hit Song "Longer" by Terri Clark (debuted 1/11-1/17/15 chart)
Highest Peaking Indie Song "Six Strings and Diamond Rings" by Taylor Hicks, #1, 10 weeks (2018)
1st Indie Hit Song "How Does It Feel" by Lorrie Morgan & "Different Worlds" by Betty Jean Evans (debuted 6/12-6/18/16 chart)
Highest Peaking Americana Song*** "They Can't Take That Away From Me" by Willie Nelson, #2 (May 2017)
1st Americana  Hit Song "Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven" by Loretta Lynn (debuted 5/22-5/28/16 chart)
Highest Peaking Australian Country Song "Long After You're Gone" by Kelli Brogan, #1 for 10 weeks (2017)
1st Australian Country Hit Song "Driftwood" by Adam Price (debuted 7/17-7/23/16 chart)
Highest Peaking Bluegrass Song***"Sad, Sad Music" by Dwight Yoakam, #8 (March 2017)
1st Bluegrass Hit Song"Old Swinging Bridge" by Lonesome River Band (debuted 9/11-9/17/16 chart)
Highest Peaking Roots Music Song***"Speak Love" by The Family Sowell, #1, 19 weeks (2019)
1st Tribute Hit Song"Lie Before You Leave" by Montgomery Gentry (debuted 10/1-10/7/17 chart)
Highest Peaking Tribute Song"Wichtia Lineman" by Glen Campbell, #3 (December 2017)

*-if multiple songs tied for peak position, the song that held that position for the most weeks is considered to be a higher peak; if two or more songs from a non-USA source debuted on the same chart they are all considered the first hit song, as in the case with the Indie and Texas Regional songs.
**-beginning in 2017, there was no longer a limit on the number of points a song could have.  In prior years where points were used, they were maximums of 100 and 125 depending on how I determined the points.  In 2018, I increased the available points to 10,000, therefore making it easier for songs to accumulate a large amount of points.  Since the availability was much higher, I decided to have a record for 2017 and a separarte one for 2018 on.  Then, I got rid of the strict total of points for the entire chart and instituted a system where there would be a lot more points available; a 3rd category was added for this new era of point accumulation.  Finally, I decided to make some more changes to the Point System (hopefully the final change), which made more points available to the songs, so "2020 on" gets its own category.
***- beginning with the 10/8 edition voting (10/8-10/14/17 chart), I merged the American and Bluegrass songs into one source calls Roots, or Roots Music.  Due to the merger, the old Americana and Bluegrass records will no longer change and new records will be kept for the merged sources.  I will not declare a 1st Roots hit because of the merger as well.
****-beginning in 2018, the longest a song could be in the voting was 30 weeks  With songs getting a one-week "encore" on the chart after being removed from the voting, the longest a song could be on the chart became 31 weeks.  This section recognizes the songs that were able to stay in the voting that long.

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