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How a song was placed on the Top 100 (1998-2006):
#1 songs are placed first.  The longer a song was at #1, the higher it is.
#2 songs are next.
#3 songs, #4 songs, etc. until 100 songs are placed.
For any ties (ex: 5 songs spent 3 weeks each at #1), I rank the songs in order of which is the favorite song of the group.  This repeats until all the songs are placed.

How a song is placed on My Top 100 (2007-2013):
In October 2006, I began using a formula to calculate my Top 40 (became the Top 60 and now the Top 75).  
In 2007, the formula began to help to determine the Top 100.  
The Total Points for a song each week is kept track of.
The 100 songs that have the highest chart peak and then the highest one week Total Points during the year are the Top 100 that year.

How a song is placed on the Top 100 (2014-2016):
Same as the prior 7 years, except songs are sorted by the highest Total Points (100, 99, 98, etc.) and then sorted by Peak(1, 2, 3, etc.)

How a song is placed on the Top 100 (2017 & 2018):
The votes each song receives and the number of voters each week are recorded.  The songs are ranked by the percentage of votes placed with the songs receiving a higher percentage of the vote ranking higher.

How a song is placed on the Top 100 (2019-present):
The maximum number of points accumulated during a song's run on the chart is recorded.  The songs are then ranked by the highest number of points first.

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