How the Chart Works

One goal of this chart is to be simple and clear in how it is made.  There is a lot of information here, but all you need to worry about is how to vote each week.  I will take care of the math that is needed each to week to calculate the order of the songs on the chart using an Excel spreadsheet.  The following is for anyone interested in knowing all the details.

Fan Driven:
Your votes determine how the chart looks from week-to-week.  This chart is completely fan voted (hence its name)!

The Voting:
I call the voting the "Voting to Create the X/XX-Y/YY/ZZ  Fan Voted Chart."  We vote the Tuesday through Thursday before the first day of the week the chart represents (Sunday).

How the Chart Is Sorted:
Songs earn points each week based on where they finish in the voting.  The number of points each song gets varies by the Level it is on; songs are promoted to a higher level during the voting with higher levels allowing for a larger number of points being available for earning.  A song keeps the points it earns each week, gaining more points until its time in the voting is over (see below for more on that).  The chart is sorted each week by the total number of points songs have earned during their time in the voting; the #1 song each week is the song that has earned the most points at that time.

If two or more songs have the same number of Points, the ties will be broken as follows:

1. Level (the song on the higher level wins the tiebreaker; there is sometime an overlap between a Level and the Levels above and below it).
2. Number of weeks on the chart (the higher number of weeks wins).
3. Last week’s position (the higher chart position wins).

Steps 2 and 3 of these tiebreakers apply to any ties during the voting as two songs will not be on the same poll unless they are on the same Level.

How Songs Earn Points:
The results of the voting will give songs more points each week.  As of 1/1/17, every song on the chart gets to have a share of a set number of  points (as of 2018, the sum is permanently set at 10,000 Points).  The number of points to distribute to each song is determined based on how many points are available and how many songs have to share them.  

Here's the process I use to determine the number of points each song gets (process in effect as of the 12/30/18-1/5/19 Edition Fan Voted Chart):

Step 1: Songs are given points based on what Level they are on and what place they finish in the voting.  Here's a table that breaks down the amount of points a song will receive depending on Level and place on that Level's poll:

PlaceLevel 10Level 9Level 8Level 7Level 6Level 5Level 4Level 3Level 2Level 1Entry Level

Notes: The Entry Level will have more than 10 songs on it; any songs below 10th place will not receive any points.  The only exception would be if more than 10 songs are being promoted off the Entry Level onto one of the levels above it.  In that case, those songs would receive 1 point.  

Also, because last place on Level 10 is always retired, there will be a max 8 songs in the voting at a time on Level 10 (1 song is on the chart and still on Level 10 while 1 song was removed before the voting and has to be replaced which leaves 8 songs on the poll).

Step 2:  If there are points that I still need to distribute after Step 1, I will add bonus points.  Once I know how many bonus points there are to be distributed, I will split them up amongst Levels 1 through 10 based on the following (current as of 12/23/18):

Level% of Bonus Points

Notes: Entry Level songs do not get any bonus points; points will be rounded to the nearest whole number; if rounding causes there to be too many points distributed, then I will lower the amount for Level 1; if rounding causes not enough points to be distributed, then I will add points to what Level 10 gets.  

Once I know how many points each level is getting, I then have to wait for the voting results.  Once the voting is over, each song on these polls will get a percentage of that level's bonus points equal to the percentage of votes they received (i.e. if a song gets 25% of the votes for a poll, it gets 25% of the bonus points).  Once again, I will round to the nearest whole number and adjust the points (more for 1st, less for last) like I do for the levels so the total for the level equal what it is supposed to.

If there are not enough points to complete Steps 1 and 2, I will lower the number of points songs will get.  I will start with the lowest finishing song that earns points on the Entry Level and work up to the top song on Level 10, lowering each songs points by 1 until I get to the distribution number or until I get to the top.  If I am at the top and not down to the point total I need to be, I will repeat at the bottom again.  If a song gets lowered to 0 points gained, it will not be lowered any further and will be skipped on any subsequent rounds of dropping points.

How Songs Get Added to The Fan Voted Chart:
I search a variety of websites to find songs to fit into each of 6 categories--Australian, Canadian, IndieWorld, Roots (Americana and Bluegrass), Texas Regional and United States.  I also take requests from artists, publicists, fans, etc.  My 7th source is the Tribute source where I add a song from an artist to honor their memory whether they recently passed or away or if it is an anniversary of their death.

How Songs Get Retired:
There will be four ways that a song will be retired from the Chart Voting:

1. A song does not receive a high enough percentage of voters voting for it during the voting based on a formula.  The formula for a song is determined by how many weeks the song is in the voting and varies based on where the song currently is during the voting. Currently, the formula is as follows:  

Entry Level: % = # of weeks  - 2

Levels 2 through 9: % = .96*(# of weeks) - 2.84

2. A song on Level 10 finishes last in the voting for Level 10 that week (in the case of a tie, the oldest song is retired).

3. A song is only allowed to be in the voting until its 30th week on the chart.  

4.  The #1 song has to finish at least third place on the Level 10 Poll (#1 song should always be on this poll)

Once a song has been retired, the song will lose 10% of the points they had at the time (minimum of 5 points lost, songs will not drop below 0 points) and will spend only one more week on the chart (this extra week is called the "encore" week).

How Songs Will Be Highlighted on the Chart:

Italicized, and "un-bolded" Songs are songs that have been retired from the voting and are spending their final week on the chart.  These songs are going to be removed from the chart and will not appear on the following week’s chart.  All songs are bolded on my spreadsheet so there are easier to read wherever I copy and paste the chart.

Yearly Chart
There is a Yearly Chart where the Top 100 songs each year are announced and located here on the chart website.  The chart is determined by the peak amount of points a song has accumulated during its chart run with the #1 song being the song who had the highest total throughout the year.  In order to break ties, the number of weeks a song is on the chart is also recorded with the song that lasted longer earning the tiebreaker. 

Questions on any part of the chart?

Feel free to send me an e-mail:  If you think there is a better way to explain part of it, please share that as well.  I may be the one that runs the chart, but I sometimes get too wordy in my explanation and someone might see a simpler way to explain.  Don't be afraid to help me help everyone understand.  Thanks!