How the Fan Voted Chart Works

One goal of this chart is to be simple and clear in how it is made.  There is a lot of information here; the basics are as follows:

I  take care of the math that is needed each to week to calculate the order of the songs on the chart using a spreadsheet.  

The following is for anyone interested in knowing all the details.

Fan Driven:
Your votes determine how the chart looks from week-to-week.  This chart is completely fan voted (hence its name)!

The Voting:
I call the voting the "Voting to Make the X/XX Fan-Voted Chart" where the date is the Sunday that chart is posted online.  In other places, like the Chart Archive, the chart is referred to by the days the chart is featured online at the blog and here on the website (Sunday through Saturday).  We vote the Tuesday through Thursday before the Sunday reference in the chart.

How the Chart Is Sorted:
Songs earn points each week based on how many votes they get with those on higher "levels" getting more points per votes.  A song keeps the points it earns each week, gaining more points until its time in the voting is over.  The chart is sorted each week first by level and then by the total number of points earned..

If two or more songs on the same Level have the same number of Points on the chart OR two or more songs have the same number of votes during the voting, the tie will be broken as follows:

1. Number of weeks on the chart (the higher number of weeks wins).
2. Song title (alphabetical by first word)

Ties during the voting only need to be broken when determining what songs are being promoted to the next Level.

How Songs Earn Points:
Each vote a song receives gives it points equal to the Level it is on; songs on the Entry Level get 1 point per vote as well (there are less songs on Level 1, so Level 1 songs should be getting more votes than the Entry Level songs).  Songs on Level 2 earn 2 points per votes, Level 3 earns 3 points per vote, and this repeats until songs on Level 10 earn 10 points per vote,

How Songs Get Added to The Fan Voted Chart:
I search a variety of websites to find songs to fit into each of 6 categories--Australian, Canadian, Indie, Roots (Americana and Bluegrass), Texas Regional and United States.  I also take requests from artists, publicists, fans, etc. 

I also have a Tribute Series that adds songs for three different reasons, bringing my total to 9 categories.  First is the Artist Tribute, where I typically add a song from a Country Music Hall-of-Famer who passed away either recently or in the past.  I also will add songs for an artist who recently passed away if they had some kind of impact on Country Music during my lifetime but never made it to the Hall-of-Fame.  The next Tribute  is the "90s #1" 
Tribute, where I add songs that went #1 in the 1990s on either the Radio & Records and Billboard charts on roughly the 30th anniversary of going #1.  My final Tribute, is the "80s #1" Tribute, which is the same as the 90s #1, but for songs from the 1980s on approximately their 40th anniversary of going #1.  The Artist Tribute series will be a permanent feature on the chart, but the other two will end when I add the final #1 songs from the 80s and 90s at the end of 2029.

How Songs Get Retired:
There are certain conditions songs have to avoid to remain in the voting and on the chart each week.  The conditions depend on what Level the song is on and how long it has been on the chart, with songs staying on the chart a maximum of 30 weeks.  You can visit the Current Retirement Rules page on my blog for an entire explanation.

How Songs Will Be Highlighted on the Chart:
Italicized, and "un-bolded" Songs
are songs that have been retired from the voting and are spending their final week on the chart.  These songs are going to be removed from the chart and will not appear on the following week’s chart.  All songs are bolded on my spreadsheet so there are easier to read wherever I copy and paste the chart.

Yearly Chart
There is a Yearly Chart where the Top 100 songs each year are announced and located here on the chart website.  The chart is determined by the total amount of points a song has accumulated during its chart run with the #1 song being the song who had the highest total throughout the year.

Questions on any part of the chart?
Feel free to send me an e-mail:  If you think there is a better way to explain part of it, please share that as well.  I may be the one that runs the chart, but I sometimes get too wordy in my explanation and someone might see a simpler way to explain.  Don't be afraid to help me help everyone understand.  Thanks!